Noémie Ducimetière is a singer, producer, performer, and film and radio composer. She releases her own music under the moniker Noum.Noémie's scores have been recognised in over 40 film festivals, including IDFA, Karlovy Vary, and the Zurich Film Festival. She has been produced by the likes of Falling Tree, NOWNESS, REAL STORIES, GREENPEACE, and BFI.As a singer she has received training from Corsican-French composer and researcher Thomas Fournil to sing 12th century Troubadour chant, Old Roman chant and Corsican polyphony as part of Idrîsî Ensemble, which involves soloists Alexandra Achillea, Elsa Hackett, Dunja Botic, Eliza Oakes, Noémie Ducimetière, and instrumentalists Konstantinos Glynos on qanun, Oliver Dover on kaval & Lucine Musaelian on vielle.Noémie has also received training from Palestinian-British oud player Kareem Samara, Algerian-French Old Roman chant expert Marcel Pérès of the Organum Ensemble and Greek modal teacher Evgenios VoulgarisPreviously she spent years touring the festival circuit in England and France with riotous 9 piece band Gentle Mystics.