Noémie Ducimetière is a singer, composer, producer and performer. She writes under the pseudonym Noum, and is one of the founding voices Idrîsî Ensemble.Her compelling film scores for arthouse biopics have been recognised in over 40 film festivals, including IDFA, Karlovy Vary, and the Zurich Film Festival. Noémie has collaborated with notable individuals and organisations such as Falling Tree, NOWNESS, REAL STORIES, GREENPEACE, and BFI.Her passion for performance was sparked while working as a lighting technician in a fringe theatre, and progressed to touring with Gentle Mystics between 2007 - 2015. Noémie has received training from Corsican-French composer and researcher Dr. Thomas Fournil of the Idrîsî Ensemble, Palestinian-British oud player Kareem Samara, Algerian-French Old Roman chant expert Marcel Pérès of the Organum Ensemble and Greek modal teacher Evgenios Voulgaris.